Jonathan, more commonly referred to as John is a main character in the Children comic series.


John is a young blonde boy with blue eyes. He wears a light cyan buttoned shirt, dark yellow pants with a belt and brown shoes. As a ghost, he has his neck twisted and covered in blood.


John first appeared in Part 211 reading a book, when Lily appears to show him the Bonnie paper plate doll she made, he then asks Jessie where Ronny and Page are after telling her not o be hard on herself in Part 212. He later explains to Page what the book he's reading is about and is surprised when she says she likes it. In Part 216.

After Lily asks him when their parents are coming, he suggests calling them, but is interrupted by Golden Freddy (William). In Part 217 he tells Golden Freddy they're about to leave and reminds Lily not to talk to strangers. In Parts 218 and 219 he tries convincing Lily they should go now and can come back tomorrow. He tells Lily to get away from Golden Freddy in Part 220 but is too late and screams for her when she's hit on the head with her ukulele.


  • He was designed by Flump, the comic's concept artist.
  • John was confirmed to be British by the comic's creators.