Come on, buddy! Smile for a bit!

Miguel is a character in Children. He exists.


Miguel has messy chestnut hair and dark brown eyes, He wears a green shirt and blue jeans, along with brown shoes.


Miguel seems to be an overall nice and friendly guy, as he tried to make Kenny happier and showed concern at the possibility of Michael being mad at him. He has a habit of talking to himself, and sometimes pointing it out.


Miguel first appeared in Part 69 looking for Michael Gould, mentioning he couldn't come to his birthday as his parents didn't let him due to it being "too dark and dangerous." He later appears in Part 74, trying to cheer up Kenny until he points out Freddy(Daniel Chesser) is behind him, Miguel's not bothered by it until Freddy grabs him, which causes him to freak out. Freddy lets go in Part 75 after William hits him with a crank, but not before Miguel notices Daniel's corpse in the suit. Miguel tries telling William Freddy wasn't trying to hurt him in Part 76, but William interrupts and threatens him. In Part 77 Miguel convinces himself to tell the police about what he saw.


Kenny Johnson


Miguel met and briefly talked to Kenny in Part 74 trying to convince him to smile and have fun, even offering to play arcade games with him, they were getting along until Freddy appeared, and haven't interacted ever since.


  • Miguel was originally planned to be named Mike, but that was changed after Michael Afton was introduced to the FNaF series and added to Children as too many Mikes would be confusing.